Frankie and Team at WWPC2013 in Jakarta… with a surprise!


Hi friends,

Frankie and team have just finished their time in Jakarta. They had a great time and even had an (unscheduled) opportunity to perform at the Epicentrum Shopping Mall for the general public and some children from underprivileged homes as well.  Indonesian Vice-President Dr. Boediono opened the carnival at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah park last Monday, and the Carnival was held across four main locations: three stages at the National Museum on Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat, one at the Usmar Ismail Theater on Jl. HR Rasuna Said, one stage in the Kauman Pewayangan Theater in Taman Mini and one stage at the National Museum.

And… Mascots and Puppets Specialists was awarded the prize for ‘Best Puppet Design’ at the closing ceremony last night! More details and photos to come soon. In the mean time, do check out some of these posts (with photos of our team) from Indonesian press and bloggers:

This trip is presented with the kind support of the National Arts Council (Singapore), Singapore International Foundation and Lee Foundation Singapore. 

With special thanks to: