Connect your audience in a friendly way

Making an inanimate object come alive delivers a great sense of wonder. It engages audience of all ages, race, religion, and is enjoyed across nations. Whether it’s a hand puppet, rod puppet, giant puppet, vent puppet, marionette or string puppet, it captures audience into the exciting dimension of a show, drama or production.

Our Puppets in Action

Puppetry is our passion and our team has been in the puppet industry for more than 15 years. Our puppets have received international acclaim, being awarded Best Puppet Design in Wayang World Puppet Carnival 2013 – Jakarta, and the Special Prize for Excellence in Puppet Design at the Second International Marionette Festival 2010 Vietnam. Our creations have been seen in film, TV and productions by leading theatre companies.

Features in our puppets

  • Structured with a variety of material such as high-grade foam, resin, paper mache
  • If required, mechanical parts are constructed using aluminium, wood, cables
  • Exterior is painted or furnished with fleece or plush fabric
  • Ergonomically designed. As puppeteers ourselves, we understand the essential elements of a puppet
  • Costumes professionally tailored
  • Local service warranty.
  • Proudly made in Singapore.