Turn your virtual characters to virtually real ones!

When you produce a mascot costume, you want it to be attractive, comfortable, and durable. Nothing worse than having a poorly-made mascot to misrepresent your brand or organisation. Our team strives to help you achieve your mascot’s objective by providing you with good workmanship and service support. With more than 10 years of experience and having performed with mascots in various projects like events, roadshows, malls, schools, theatre, video and TV productions, we understand what’s essential in a mascot costume.

From 2D stills to 3D life

Why Use Mascots?

Mascots get attention. Mascots get noticed. They increase brand or campaign awareness. They are friendly, fun, entertaining, and connect with the audience. They transcend languages and cultures. They liven up an event and bring cheer to the people.

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Features in our mascots

  • Structured with durable high-grade foam.
  • We use a mixture of firm and flexible foam. The latter is usually used for parts that require more movements, such as body and limbs. Though flexible, this special foam easily gets back to shape even if it needs to be compressed during transportation or temporary storage.
  • Furnished with quality material. The exterior of the structures are carefully covered with suitable synthetic fur or fabric. Besides matching your colors, the material should be easy to maintain and stands well to wear-and-tear.
  • Ergonomically designed. As performers ourself, we understand the needs of the mascot talent. We give much thought into making a suit that is wearable and comfortable.
  • Other options. Cooling fan, cooler vest.
  • Local service warranty.
  • Proudly made in Singapore.