Catch WITZ on Okto Channel!

Hi friends,

do catch the latest children’s edutainment show, WITZ, on Singapore’s Okto Channel at the following times:

Every Monday – Friday: 9am, 11am, 1pm
Every Saturday & Sunday: 8am

Frankie and the team here at Mascots and Puppets Specialists had the tremendous pleasure of working with the team at Oak3 Films to create and perform with the mascots and puppet stars of the show: Tammy the Tiger, Itchee the Orangutan, Wingz the Hornbill and the Three Mice. We had lots with fun with the engaging show hosts, Sunny and Joy, and the great children who joined us on set for the filming!

Visit for more information on the show, and remember to tune in!

This is an education-adventure series which encourages pre-schoolers’ to expand their knowledge and acquire their interest in learning through four main segments:

· Song and dance
· Storytelling
· Art-and-craft
· Know our environment (visiting an outdoor venue)

These four segments are strung together by a mission with a magical theme, which differs each episode. The three main protagonists are two full-sized mascots (tigress and orang utan) and a half body mascot (hornbill), which are uniquely designed to appeal to the children. The mission which they need to accomplish contains a fantasy element, such as helping frightened clouds which are being chased, or finding a color which has gone missing. This will stimulate imagination and creativity.

At the beginning of each episode, a bottle floats onto the beach, which contains the mission of the day. In the process of accomplishing their mission, they will learn about skills such as language, art, music, dance and/or social values, as they set out to solve their task. In addition, knowledge on simple science or numeracy might also be learnt, depending on the mission or the place which the characters visit each time.

To complete their quest, the mascots will have to tell a story, create original artwork, and visit a new place each episode. Furthermore, surreal and fantasy elements are judiciously employed to enhance the appeal of the overall story. For example, there is a magic tree-train that transports them from the island to the outside world (reality).

The magical elements are skillfully woven into the fabric of the story, which is securely anchored in reality. The children will learn social and moral values, such as observing good hygiene and learning to share. The series is heavily story driven, supported by song-and-dance. In addition to the three mascots who are the main protagonists, there are other smaller-sized puppets to spice up the show.

Fasten your seat belt, hold your breath and get ready for the magical joyride in WITZ!