ASEAN Puppetry Festival 2012 in today’s Straits Times Life!


Hi friends,

here’s a head’s up that there is an article by Corrie Tan in today’s (30 Oct 2012) Straits Times’ Life! on the ASEAN Puppetry Festival starting this Friday. You can check out part of the article here:

Frankie’s quoted in the article, alongside Ria of Papermoon Puppet Theatre and Festival producer Terence Tan, but unfortunately you can only read Frankie’s blurb in the hard copy edition or if you have a full online subscription. Nonetheless, it’s a great idea to grab a copy of the papers. It’s on page three of the Life! section.

Do check out the Festival website (, as well as the Festival’s Facebook page ( for the latest schedule and happenings! Drop by one of the performances this week!