APEX-Asia Puppetry Exchange: Vietnam/Laos

Hi friends,

Frankie will be leaving for Vietnam and Laos this week for the first-ever APEX-Asia Puppetry Exchange in Vietnam and Laos. This brand-new initiative to foster artistic exchange and friendship will see Frankie presenting two showcase performances in Hanoi with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam. He will also meet with key artists from Hanoi to discuss opportunities for artistic exchange and collaborations.

From Hanoi, he will travel westward to Vientiane, Laos, where he will conduct a 4-day puppetry programme for local Jampalao puppeteers. This unique programme will see Frankie imparting various aspects of his expertise in puppetry construction, staging and mechanics as the local puppeteers seek to reinvigorate and re-tell a traditional Lao folktale with puppetry. He will also present public performances during his time in Vientiane.

This trip is presented in partnership with Artsolute Asia with the support of the Singapore International Foundation. 

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