Puppet Shows!

Frankie, our founder and creative director, is a sought-after international puppet performer, and has presented his work in places like Turkey, Vietnam, South Africa, Palestine, and Thailand. He won top honors at the Second International Marionette Festival 2010 in Hanoi, Vietnam, where he was awarded the Gold Award for Best Performance, the top festival prize, and the Gold Award for Best Artist (Individual Puppeteer). He was also awarded the Special Award for Excellence in Puppet Design at the Festival.

Each of Frankie's performance is a unique experience in itself. His award-winning string puppet performances showcase exquisite puppetry, down-to-earth humor and visual artistry that connects with both the man-in-the-street and seasoned artistic audiences.

He performs frequently in a variety of venues: theatre spaces, outdoor events, corporate galas and events, cruise ship performances, family events, public malls and private parties. His flexible set-up allows him to do both stage performances and interactive roving performances.

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