Productions & Musicals

Mascots and Puppets Specialists provides collaboration to produce and execute shows. Our clients include goverment bodies, theatre groups, TV production firms and events companies.
Productions include:
- Conceptualization of show
- Choreographic and artistic direction
- Compilation of music and other multi-media works
- Design, customization and creation of puppets and props
- Providing puppeteers for performances

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The Magic of Kindsville
In collaboration with the Singapore Kindness Movement, “The Magic of Kindsville” is a puppet show featuring Singa and the Kindness Cubbies, and presented to lower-primary and pre-schools.
Love Begins At Home
The Little Shop of Horrors
'The Starfari Family Show' was developed and launched in 2008, in collaboration with the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.....
The Little Shop of Horrors was presented by Dream Academy & The Dim Sum Dollies. Directed by Glen Goei.

Here were some collaborated projects:

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H is for Hantu
From the creators of Chestnuts, and first staged in 2009 to rave reviews, H is for Hantu is about Singapore’s last existing kampung.
World of Imagination
For the first time in Singapore, giant puppets were used in an evening of intense storytelling set to classical music, performed by the Singapore Armed Forces Symphonic Band.
Witz!, nominated for Best Preschool Education Programme  in the Asian Television Awards 2011, was a collaborated project with Oak3 films.