We Build Mascots!

Mascots and Puppets Specialists is a professional mascot manufacturer that has created hundreds of mascots for clients in the corporate, sporting, television, theatrical and education industries both locally and overseas. Our experience in all aspects of mascot operations has enabled us to fine-tune its manufacturing process, using light and durable materials, to provide our clients with a high-quality product.
Our mascots have the following qualities:

Very close to original design
Light weight
- Constructed with sturdy,
durable, high-density flexible foam that stands up well to wear and tear. Advantage of flexible foam is that it easily gets back to shape even if it needs to be compressed during transportation or temporal storage.
Well ventilated and provides good visual range.
- Comes with
service warranty.
Easy to maintain.

Ease of mind : No-shock with final product!

Our mascots are made locally by experienced craftsmen. Before physically fabricating a mascot, we will show you technical drawings and graphic mockup of the final product. Upon your satisfaction, we'll proceed to create the mascot and you can be updated of its progress at various stages.
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