Mascots and Puppets

The mascots are well liked by the kids and adults and many have been singing praise of our new look. Thanks for that.

- Kenny Eng, Director, Gardenasia Pte Ltd

The Children’s Homes Foundation in Seychelles is the recipient of the Jojo Mascot you and your team so brilliantly produced. The First Lady came in earlier than anticipated. She loves them!

- Noella Gontier, CEO, Children's Homes Foundation, Seychelles

I must say a big thank you to you and your staff... its the most beautiful mascot ever. Your workmanship is fantastic.

- Alicia Ong, Initial Hygiene Services Pte Ltd

Love him, love him, love him!!! Frankie, you out did yourself on this one. He is very appealing to look at and is strung at the perfect height for me. Like the MJ puppet, once I learn how to work him he is going to be a reputation maker!
I can't wait to see Elvis! Thanks a lot Frankie I feel your puppets are money well spent!

- Brad Lancaster, USA


I received very positive feedback – and requests for your contact information from other members of our management. I actually called to thank you for the successful event yesterday ...... Thanks once again and will be sure to recommend you to my associates ......

- Mahua

I really enjoyed both your promo and your children's show. I see that you are not only a craftsman, but also a wonderful entertainer. You really put on an engaging show.

- Brad Lancaster, USA

"Pupils enjoyed the show. They are able to learn good values through this fun and interesting show."

- P2 Teacher

"Very good. Can attract the pupils’ attention all the time."

- P1/2 Teacher

"Children loved puppets/characters. (e.g. Fii) They bring across important messages in a light-hearted way."
"It was well-liked by children of all age groups. Will want to see more of these."

- Pre-school teacher
"The puppet show comes in handy especially when we have themes on family in our curriculum. Children participate more actively in discussion."

- K1 teacher

"The puppet left a deep impression with my son as he shared with me."

– Mdm Lim Chay Fah