About Us

Mascots  and  Puppets  Specialists,  or  MAPS  for  short,  is  an  award-winning  puppetry  company founded by puppeteer Frankie Malachi in 2004. It produces and creates puppetry productions and shows, as well as puppets and mascots for projects ranging from theatre productions to stadium events.

MAPS  has  received  international  recognition  for  its  puppetry  productions  and  projects.  It  was awarded the prize for Best Puppet Design at the Wayang World Puppet Carnival 2013, one of the largest international puppetry festivals in the world, amongst participants from 46 countries. It also garnered top honours at the Second International Marionette Festival2010 in Hanoi, Vietnam, winning the Gold Award for Best Performance, the Gold Award for Best Artist  (Individual) and the Special Award for Excellence in Puppet  Design.  Its  giant  puppets  were  featured  in  the Singapore  Youth  Olympic  Games  2010  Opening Ceremony and Singapore’s National Day Parade 2009 and 2011.

In  2010,  MAPS  was  selected  to  produce  the  official  mascots,  Lyo  and  Merly,  for  the  inaugural Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore, joining a select group of international mascot manufacturers who have crafted mascots for Olympic events. Our mascots andpuppets have also been featured in film, stage and  media  projects  by  OKTO  Channel,  Oak3  Films,  The  Moving  Visuals  Company,  Wawa  Pictures,  the Disney Channel and the Nickelodeon Channel, amongst many others.

MAPS  has  created  school  and  community  programmes  for  a  variety  of  clients,  including  the Ministry  of  Community  Development,  Youth  and  Sports,  National  Heritage  Board,  Health  Promotion Board,  the  Asian  Civilisations  Museum,  the  Peranakan  Museum  and  many  others.  It  has  also  provided puppetry direction and consultation for a wide spectrum of clients, including groups like Dream Academy Productions, STAGES, Players Theatre, Singapore Repertory Theatre, I-Theatre, Centre Stage School of the Arts and Oak3 Productions.

Awards and Accolades

Wayang World Puppet Carnival 2013 – Jakarta, Indonesia
- Best Puppet Design Award (Festival)

Celebration of ASEAN Tradition Puppetry 2013
- Official Representative for Singapore

ASEAN Puppetry Festival 2012 – Singapore
- Festival Director (Creative)

ASEAN Puppetry Festival 2011 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- Official Representative for Singapore

Asian Television Awards 2011 – Singapore
- ‘Witz’ (Oak3 Films) children’s programme using puppetry and mascots was nominated for Best Preschool Education Programme

Second International Marionette Festival 2010 – Hanoi, Vietnam

- Gold Award for Best Performance (Top Prize, Festival)
- Gold Award for Best Artist (Individual)
- Special Prize for Excellence in Puppet Design
Life! Theatre Awards 2006
- Nominee for Best Supporting Actor – the first time in the history of the awards a puppet was nominated
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Giant Puppets at National Day Parade
MAPS continues to fine tune her puppet creation process and this year, National Day Parade witnessed 24 giant puppets that were much lighter and more animated. The 4m tall giants brought life to this national celebration.

Puppets Mania @ Singapore Philatelic Museum
In conjunction with International Museum Day, our loveable hand and string puppets gave a hilarious puppet performance at the Singapore Philatelic Museum. This colourful puppet show retold a classic Asian folktale, which was a story of how a clever rabbit trumped a greedy tiger in a battle of wits.

H is for Hantu
Our ingenious puppets, including the giant 'Gala', took to the stage in this charming musical comedy. From the creators of Chestnuts, and first staged in 2009 to rave reviews, H is for Hantu is about Singapore’s last existing kampung, which, is about to be wiped out to make way for development, but not all the residents are willing to give up without a fight.

WITZ!, a production of Oak Three Films, was an education-adventure preschool TV series on OKTO channel.  Here, you'd meet our creations Tammy the Tiger, Itchee the Orangutan, Wingz the Hornbill, Hermit the crab and the three mice. Together, they shared their adventures on the magical island of WITZ. This pre-school series was a recipe for fun learning!


The Starfari Family Show (2nd run)
Performed to a minimum of 40 schools in Singapore, Mascots and Puppets Specialists continued the second run of The Starfari Family programme to children from pre- and primary schools.

Singapore Youth Olympic Games Mascots
Mascots and Puppets Specialists was commissioned to produce Lyo and Merly, the official mascots for the first Youth Olympics held in Singapore in August.

Papet ASEAN: ASEAN Puppetry Festival 2010 - Manila, Philippines
Mascots and Puppets Specialists represented Singapore in the second ASEAN Puppetry Festival at the University of Philippines. Performing to an international audience of official delegates and puppeteers from various ASEAN countries as well as the Philippines public, we received a very positive response to our string puppet show with 95% of house attendance.


Giant Puppet Series at National Day Parade
Mascots and Puppets Specialists was specially commissioned to create a series of giant puppets for National Day Parade 2009, as part of a multi-cultural component of the parade story. Working with parade creative director Ivan Heng to create, conceptualise, and produce the puppets, the production was executed successfully before the entire nation in August 2009.

H Is For Hantu
Teaming up with theatre group STAGES and director Jonathan Lim, Mascots and Puppets Specialists designed and produced the puppets for this unusual comedy production laced with Malay folklore. The captivating array of puppets were mentioned in several press reviews as one of the highlights of the production.

Baba Anak Patung - The Peranakan Museum
Mascots and Puppets Specialists was specially commissioned by the Peranakan Museum to create a special Peranakan-themed puppet show for its International Museum Day celebrations in 2009. The show was successfully staged on 31 May 2009.


Broadway Beng 3 - Drama Centre Theatre

Mascots and Puppets Specialists created and performed with a special marionette based on the Sebastian character in the show. The musical was well-received by audiences and went into an extended run. The marionette received a special mention in the Straits Times, calling it ‘a spitting image of the actor, right down to the sequinned suit and blonde highlights'.

Folktales from Asia - Out of the Box Festival of Puppet Theatre, Esplanade Singapore
Mascots and Puppets Specialists presented ‘Folktales from Asia’ at the third Out of The Box Festival of Puppet Theatre at the Theatre Studio, Esplanade. A combination of two beloved folktales, ‘Folktales from Asia’ featured ‘The Story of Bukit Merah’, and ‘The Legend of the Moon’.

First International Marionette Festival 2008 - Hanoi, Vietnam
Performed and competed at the first-ever International Marionette Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam, we were awarded the Silver Award for Best Artist (Group), as well as the Special Prize for the Preservation and Promotion of National Art.


Asean Puppetry Festival
The ASEAN Puppetry Festival is a biennial puppetry festival showcasing the puppetry arts of Southeast Asia. Held under the auspices of the ASEAN Foundation, it features a cross-section of contemporary Southeast Asian puppetry, with a combination of recognised artists and emerging voices from the region. Frankie was creative director for the closing Festival performance.

Singapore National Games Mascots
Mascots and Puppets Specialists was commissioned to produce 18 sets of Nila, the official mascot for the inaugural sports festival that showcases our local sporting talents.

The Magic of Kindsville
In collaboration with the Singapore Kindness Movement, “The Magic of Kindsville” is a puppet show featuring Singa and the Kindness Cubbies, and presented to lower-primary and pre-schools.

15th Istanbul Puppet Festival
Mascots and Puppets Specialists has been invited to perform at the 15th Istanbul International Puppet Festival in Istanbul, Turkey from 3rd - 13th May 2012. The Istanbul International Puppet Festival is the most comprehensive international puppet festival in Turkey, comprising of international puppetry groups from USA, Germany, Austria, Indonesia, France, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Turkey and Greece.

This trip is presented with the kind support of the National Arts Council (Singapore), Singapore International Foundation and Lee Foundation Singapore. 

The Starfari Family Show (3rd run)
Mascots and Puppets Specialists continued the third run of The Starfari Family programme to children from pre- and primary schools.

A brand-new initiative to foster artistic exchange and friendship. Travelling to Hanoi and Laos, our creative director Frankie and puppet maker Jennifer performed and conducted a 4-day puppetry programme for local Jampalao puppeteers. This unique programme allowed them to impart various aspects of their expertise in puppetry construction, staging and mechanics to the local puppeteers of Vietnam and Laos.

Major Projects undertaken